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A 30 page (15 folio) lacuna precedes this document.

ANNIS Metadata

annotation: Rebecca Krawiec, Caroline T. Schroeder, Lance Martin, Amir Zeldes
author: Shenoute
collection: Borgia Collection
Coptic_edition: Amélineau 1907–14, 1:266-270; Zoega 1810, 431 (= GF 304:i.18b–ii.25); Zoega 1810, 431–432 (= GF 305:i.1–20);
corpus: shenoute.those
country: Egypt
document_cts_urn: urn:cts:copticLit:shenoute.those.monbgf:51-55
endnote: A 30 page (15 folio) lacuna precedes this document.
entities: checked
identities: checked
idno: IB3 f. 82r-IB3 f. 84v
language: Sahidic Coptic
license: CC-BY 4.0
msContents_title_n: 5
msContents_title_type: Discourses
msItem_title: God Says Through Those Who Are His
msName: MONB.GF
next: urn:cts:copticLit:shenoute.those.monbgf:55-60
note: Amélineau’s edition collated in Naples by Stephen Emmel, March 2005. David Brakke and Andrew Crislip published an English translation of the text God Says Through Those Who Are His in their book Selected Discourses of Shenoute the Great (Cambridge University Press, 2015), pp. 266-277. Chapter divisions follow Brakke supplied edition; chapter numbers have been modified to account for lacunae.
objectType: codex
order: 05
origDate: between 900 and 1200 C.E.
origDate_notAfter: 1200
origDate_notBefore: 0900
origDate_precision: low
origPlace: White Monastery
pages_from: 301
pages_to: 306
parsing: automatic
paths_authors: 95
paths_manuscripts: 403
paths_work: 364
people: Adam; Elijah; Elisha; Eve; Jesus; Joshua; Lot (biblical person); Moses; Nun (biblical figure); Ramesses II; Satan
placeName: Atripe
places: Egypt; Jordan River; Sodom and Gomorrah
previous: urn:cts:copticLit:shenoute.those.monbgf:16-18
project: Coptic SCRIPTORIUM
redundant: No
repository: Biblioteca Nazionale di Napoli
segmentation: checked
source: Stephen Emmel, David Brakke
tagging: checked
title: God Says Through Those Who Are His: GF 301-306
translation: none
Trismegistos: none
version_date: 2020-08-31
version_n: 4.0.0
witness: No parallel witness

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Work: urn:cts:copticLit:shenoute.those

Text Group: urn:cts:copticLit:shenoute

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