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Coptic SCRIPTORIUM Corpora & URN Resolver

Coptic SCRIPTORIUM provides Coptic texts for reading, analysis, and complex searches. The texts are citable and accessible through stable URNs, such as for Shenoute's work Not Because a Fox Barks. This application will provide the most recent version of our documents in the formats currently available for each text. If you know the URN for the material you seek, please enter it in the box above. You may also find documents by using the filters on the menu above.

If you wish to read Coptic texts, you can view individual documents online (in HTML) in various visualizations. We also provide links to our corpora in our search tool ANNIS, as well as data files in TEI XML, PAULA XML, and ANNIS formats. This web application provides the most recent version of the data. Previous versions are available on GitHub.

Documentation beneath the text provides information about it, including the version and date of publication online.


Documentation on our part of speech tagging

Citation guidelines for citing these documents

Example queries for ANNIS search tool.

A video tutorial, especially for ANNIS.

A brief video tutorial explaining the texts, data model, and basic queries from Fall 2014.


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When citing a corpus or document from Coptic SCRIPTORIUM, please include the relevant URN(s) (provided below) in all citations. On this site, these URNs will resolve to the latest edition of our data. We also encourage researchers to save visualizations they use, download query results from ANNIS, and save information from document metadata.

Use the following model to cite this document. Our full citation guidelines page provides more models.

First citation:

Author, Ancient title [chapter.verse if available], ed. [annotators], trans. [translation]. {{selected_text.edition_urn}}. [version number], [date].{{selected_text.edition_urn}}.

Subsequent citations:

Author, Ancient title (abbreviated) [chapter.verse if available], {{selected_text.edition_urn}}.

Document Edition: {{selected_text.edition_urn}}

Text Corpus: {{selected_text.urn_cts_work}}:{{selected_text.textgroup_urn}}.{{selected_text.corpus_urn}}

Author Textgroup: {{selected_text.urn_cts_work}}:{{selected_text.textgroup_urn}}

The following links will direct you to the latest versions of data visualizations of the document.

{{visualization.title}} HTML:{{selected_text.edition_urn}}/{{visualization.slug}}/html

The following links will direct you to the latest versions of the data for download.

TEI XML:{{selected_text.edition_urn}}/tei/xml

Paula XML:{{selected_text.edition_urn}}/paula/xml


The following link will direct you to the latest version of the corpus available for search and querying in ANNIS:

ANNIS UI:{{selected_text.edition_urn}}/annis